Construction of underground premises under complex conditions

The right bank of the Dnieper River is known for its rugged clayish soils and great variety of underground waters which hamper construction of modern high-rise buildings, especially if the latter have underground premises, for example, parking lots. Even though it is still possible to erect a building with no deep basement on piles, without large-scale waterproofing , the underground parking lot under the building requires not only good waterproofing, but also reinforcement and plugging of soil as early as at the stage of starting the excavation. The photo and the video show the rivulet of underground water infiltrating the excavation.


We were commissioned with the task of reinforcing the soil between the pile columns using the method of soil plugging. This method was selected as the most rational solution under the existing circumstances.


By having successfully fulfilled the task, we helped the builders keep the construction project on schedule.

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