Drilling boreholes in concrete

Our company specializes in drilling boreholes in concrete, bricks, granite, marble and other hard construction materials which are used to build walls, floors, ceiling, foundation, floor slabs. The boreholes can be drilled not only perpendicular to the surface. Our drilling equipment makes it possible to perform inclined drilling; besides, the holes do not need any additional processing, as they have smooth edges and surfaces. The accuracy with which our technologies allow us to drill boreholes in concrete makes it possible not only to lay supply lines, but also to create niches and embrasures in the walls. Holes can be drilled with diamond tools in both houses under construction and the already existing residential buildings, office or warehouse premises, etc., since the process does not create clouds of dust. Unlike pneumatic hammer, the use of shock-free drilling technique does not lead to appearance of microcracks in the surfaces, makes it possible to obtain precision holes with smooth surface and edges. Diameter of the boreholes can be as large as 400 mm.

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