Prices for construction mixtures

Name of product / Price in UAH including VAT

Khim Bond Beton (multipurpose adhesive)

25 kg bag – 76.32 UAH

Khim Bond Beton 2 (starting filler)

Khim Bond Façade 1

Khim Bond Waterproof (anti-corrosion coating)

Khim Bond Steel Protector (anti-corrosion coating for reinforcement bars)

Khim Bond Microcon (additive agent for concrete and mortar)

Khim Bond Flex (membrane for internal plastering)

15 kg bag + 10.0 l container – 1514.22 UAH

Khim Bond Flex Super (membrane for external plastering)

Khim Bond Flex KhS (chemical-resistant)

Khim Bond Admix (concentrated adhesive layer)

Khimtek shotcrete mix (wet)

Khimtek shotcrete mix (dry)

Khimtek shotcrete mix concentrate (dry)


Khim Bond Microcon P (compound for underwater concreting)

Khimtek shotcrete mix (wet)

2.8 kg moisture-resistant bag – 220.00 UAH

Minova (Germany) Carbo Pur WX resin,

44 kg set (A + B)

Bevedol WF-Bevedan Minova (Germany) resin,

55 kg set (A + B)

Carbo Crack Seal H Minova (Germany) resin,

44 kg set (A + B)

Cement- polymer suspension (for void flushing),

11 kg bags + 5 l container

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