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Shotcreting (concrete spraying) of bridges in Brovary and Obukhov using shotcrete mixture. When performing shotcreting, Torkret mixture was used. Kiev

Shotcreting, or concrete spraying


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Shotcreting and its features

This method involves application of various mortars and mixtures onto the walls. These are:

  • Clay; plaster; concrete and other materials.

Special equipment is used to apply liquid materials. Mortars are ejected through a nozzle by compressed air. This makes it possible:

  • to cover large areas and, as a result, to reduce temporary expenses for shotcreting;
  • to achieve high adhesion of the applied materials to the walls and various coverings;
  • to thoroughly fill small pores, cavities and cracks.

It has to be noted that shotcreting can be used for treatment of concrete walls, as well as various floors and coverings. This technique makes it possible to enhance the structure’s durability, resistance to a number of negative factors, among which are mechanical impacts, climatic changes and excessive humidity.

Shotcreting makes it possible to form a dense layer of concrete which tightly adheres to vertical separations. The obtained coating boasts excellent frost-resistance and waterproofness. Besides, shotcreting helps improve physical and mechanical properties of concrete, making it more durable and enhancing its quality.

Implementation of this technique is not costly and yields excellent results. Also, shotcreting is a perfect choice for buildings that have one of the following purposes:

  • logistic, industrial, military, etc.

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Shotcreting, or concrete spraying is a relatively new, but widely used method of reinforcement of structures and buildings. We sell high quality shotcrete mixture for shotcreting – Torkretbeton.

The material obtained in the result of shotcreting is called Torkretbeton.

The basic equipment for shotcreting is the shotcreting station consisting of a shotcrete gun, or concrete grouter and an air compressor.

There exist two main shotcreting methods using shotcrete mixtures: dry and wet ones.

With the dry method, the concrete mixture is brought to the nozzle of the working equipment where it is mixed with water which is supplied through a separate hose. Then the ready-made mixture is sprayed under high pressure and at high speed onto the treated surface. With this type of shotcreting, thickness of the layer is approximately 15 mm.

Wet shotcreting is also called pneumatic concrete pouring. The ready-made working mixture is brought to the nozzle and then sprayed onto the treated surface. In this case special pneumatic concrete pumps are used which make it possible to perform shotcreting of surfaces continuously and uniformly.

When shotcreting operations are performed, various additives and fillers of the concrete mixture are used:

-plasticizing agents – to increase plasticity and to facilitate placement;
-concrete setting agent – if necessary;
-anti-frost additives – if necessary;
-fillers – in the form of synthetic fibres, designed to prevent cracking;
-other additives and fillers – to give the coating certain mechanical or operational properties.

Shotcreting application fields:

• Reinforcement of various natural slopes and ramps.
• Erection of vertical thin-walled reinforced concrete structures.

• Repairs and restoration of hydraulic engineering installations
• Repairs of buildings and structures
• Waterproofing works, waterproof coatings (tunnels)
Protection of structures against the impact of aggressive environment, protection of refractory and acid-proof coatings made of special concrete in metallurgical industry; restoration of bridges, hydraulic engineering installations, construction of swimming pools, etc.

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