Water filters, water treatment systems; softener, iron removal station, reverse osmosis

Ukrainian Export-Import Trading Company LLC presents its range of water filters. We were able to engage water filtration experts who work in the field for over 10 years!! We supply only best quality products and provide the best maintenance services, thus meeting the pure water requirements of the most demanding customers!

Softener – reduces water hardness

Умягчитель, очистка воды от жесткости, softener, фильтры для воды

Iron removal station – removes iron, manganese

Обезжелезиватель, очистка воды от железа, марганца, iron removal, фильтры для воды

Reverse osmosis – purifies drinking water with high efficiency

Обратный осмос, питьевая система очистки воды, reverse osmosis, фильтры для воды

Generally, softener and iron removal station are installed in private households to filter water if it is supplied from a borehole or a well. Softeners are often installed in flats and apartments in order to prevent scale build-up on heating coils of boilers, washing machines and dishwashers.

Water hardness, smell of iron, scale build-up, yellowish stains, unpleasant odor – all these indicate that you need a softener, an iron removal station or a combination of the two.

Selection of the right system depends on the volume of water consumed and the values of unwanted impurities contained in water analysis report.

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Reverse osmosis is a system which filters water to potable water quality level with maximum efficiency. Water of this quality is not sold in large plastic bottles! Potable water filter purifies water at molecular level; pure water (Н2О) is accumulated in a vessel, while almost 100% of impurities (sludge, sand, rust, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, viruses, cysts, radionuclides, iron, manganese, hardness salts, ammonia, foreign odors, etc.) are drained out! With this, elements that are useful for the body (calcium, potassium, magnesium and others) remain in the water!

There exist numerous reverse osmosis systems: classic potable water filters and premium water treatment segment!

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